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CRW COVID-19 Operations and Procedures

The following information is to begin to inform the campus community about Campus Recreation and Wellness’s current operations and procedures, as several adaptations have been made due to COVID-19.  Please note these plans may change at any time based on new guidance and will continue to evolve.

COVID-19 information and protocols supersede, but do not disqualify, related CRW information and policies until further notice.  If you plan to use our facilities, please thoroughly read the information below and know we have increased our cleaning and disinfecting in accordance with current guidance.  However, we also expect participants to do their part to help prevent the transmission and spread of COVID-19.  Additionally, we expect everyone to follow the 3 W’s (wear a face covering, wait 6 feet apart, and wash your hands) when in our facilities and programs.

Campus Recreation and Wellness currently has the following programs and services available.

  • The Campus Recreation Center is available for workouts with a reservation. Please read the CRC protocols below and check out our hours of operation page.  
  • Reid Pool is available for open swim with a reservation.  Please read the Reid Pool Open Swim protocols below and check out our hours of operation page.
  • Group Exercise | Group Exercise will be held in-person with limited availability (8 people per class) and also virtually (except cycle classes).  The Group Exercise schedule is posted under Fitness and Wellness at  To register for our Group Exercise Program, visit
  • Intramural Recreational Sports | Current offerings focus on ESports and games that allow for physical distancing (Cornhole, Lawn Games, etc.). All offerings will meet the mass gathering guidelines/mandates.  The full schedule of offerings is posted at, Intramural Sports (about Intramural Sports) prior to the start of academic classes each semester.  To register for Intramural Recreational Sports, visit
  • Personal Training | Virtual and in-person personal training sessions are available.  Face coverings and physical distancing are required.  To register for personal training, visit 
  • Outdoor Gear Rentals | Outdoor gear rentals will be available Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays during the academic semester by reserving your gear in advance online through our outdoor gear reservation form.
  • Outdoor Programs | Outdoor programs will offer a few  outdoor programs/workshops. The outdoor guide development program (OGDP) will also be offered with a limited number of available spots (10 spots).  To register for these offerings, visit
  • Presentations | CRW will offer virtual presentation opportunities and virtual teambuilding. Individuals can request these services on the website under “special request”.
  • Other Programming | CRW will host some special programming.  For information on CRW's virtual programs and services, visit our Virtual Programs and Services web page off

Below is some more detailed information on our programs and services. 

Campus Recreation Center

  • Hours of Operation are available on our hours of operation page.  
  • Reservations will be required to access the building.  This is to comply with mandated occupancy requirements and to allow for proper physical distancing.  Individuals can reserve their time slot at up to 72 hours in advance.  Individuals are only permitted to have one reservation per day.
  • Do not visit the Campus Recreation Center if you are exibiting any flu-like symptoms or those listed for COVID-19 on the Center for Disease Control's website.
  • Participants are required to wear a face covering over the mouth and nose at all times while in the CRC.  Participants should monitor their intensity levels and only workout at a level that is personally comfortable while wearing a face covering.  If your face covering becomes compromised to the point that it no longer provides the protection intended, you may be asked to replace your face covering with a new one.  Therefore, participants should bring an extra face covering and should individually change their face covering if it becomes wet/sweaty or otherwise compromised.
  • Participants should wash their hands or use hand sanitizer frequently while in the CRC.
  • Participants should maintain 6 feet of physical distancing between them and other participants or staff while in the facility.  Workout partners are not permitted, even if you have a relationship outside the CRC that means you are in close physical proximity with that person (Ex: roommates, significant others, etc.)
  • Two fitness areas will be available and a maximum occupancy will be established for each area based on current guidance. One area is located in the previous fitness areas and one area has been created in the basketball court area.  This means the basketball courts are offline for other activities, and the equipment has been moved to allow for social distancing and capacity limitations.
  • The Climbing Wall will be open for bouldering and rope climbing with a climbing wall reservation (limited to 5 participants at a time with limited rope climbing).
  • No spotting will be allowed to comply with physical distancing guidelines.  It is important that participants know their own limits when weight lifting so you only lift weight that can be handled independently.  When bouldering at the climbing wall, participants need to climb well within their climbing ability so that they can climb independently without the use of a spotter.
  • To ensure a “no contact” entry, participants will enter the Campus Recreation Center by checking in at the front desk during their reservation time, scanning their card and entering through a propped gate.
  • Participants will have access to the bottle filler units on the water fountains, but the water fountains themselves will be offline. Please bring your own bottle to refill.  If you forget your bottle, you can request a disposable cup at the front desk.
  • Locker keys will be available for checkout at the equipment cage and should be returned in a “return” container at the equipment cage after your workout.
  • Participants are expected to disinfect equipment before and after each use, including all touch-points (knobs, upholstery, weight plates, etc.).  Instructions for how to properly disinfect the equipment is posted on wipes containers in the fitness areas.
  • Do not attempt to use equipment that is "offline" and marked "Do NOT use".
  • Do not move equipment or benches, as equippment has been properly spaced to allow for physical distancing.
  • Shower use is currently suspended to comply with the face coverings requirement.
  • Staff members working in facilities will have on appropriate Personal Protective Equipment for personal safety and the safety of participants.



Reid Pool Open Swim 

  • Reid Pool access will be open to WCU students, faculty/staff, alumni, and retirees with a valid CatCard during Open Swim hours. Guest memberships for Reid Pool are suspended until further notice.  Family swim is suspended until further notice.
  • Reservations will be required for Reid Pool due to the limited capacity. Reservations are available through You can also view a "how to" video below on how to make your reservation. Please be sure to read reservation instructions and criterion. 
  • Participants are required to follow University guidelines regarding face coverings and physical distancing. However, face coverings can be removed while in the water/pool.
  • All lane lines will be put in the pool during open swim and only one person per lane will be allowed (maximum capacity during open swim hours at any one time is 6 swimmers).
  • To check-in to Reid Pool, participants are asked to show their CatCard to the Lifeguard on duty from a distance and with a face covering on. They are then asked to sign in on the sign-in sheet located on the bench next to each locker room door.  Please take a pen from the “clean” cup and put the pen into the “dirty” cup for disinfecting.
  • Some pool equipment will be available during open swim. However, participants must return equipment to the “used” equipment pile so it can be disinfected prior to going back into rotation for use.
  • At the end of each shift, the lifeguard will disinfect all the equipment in the “used” pile and place it back in rotation.

Campus Recreation Center Membership eligibility will be limited to WCU students, faculty/staff, retirees, alumni, and family (criteria laid out in CRW Information and Policies).  Reid Pool access will be open to WCU students, faculty/staff, alumni, and retirees with a valid CatCard during Open Swim hours.  Family swim is suspended until further notice.  Guest memberships for the Campus Recreation Center and Reid Pool are only available for those who are eligible to purchase a semester-long membership.

CRC daily equipment rentals have been adjusted. At this time, only CRC Locker Keys, Corn Hole Boards, Kan Jam, Bocce Ball, Tennis Racquets and Disc Golf Discs are available for checkout.

Outdoor gear rentals are available on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays with an outdoor gear reservation (form located under Outdoor Programs on the website).

Outside equipment that either alters CRW equipment or poses an increased risk to participants is not permitted in the CRC.  Examples include: bands added to weight benches, personal free weights, ankle weights, weighted vests, oxygen reducing masks, etc.  If you have a question regarding a piece of outside equipment, please contact CRW to determine if it is approved in advance of use. 

Personal equipment, like personal safety equipment, jump ropes, yoga mats, etc., are permitted in the Campus Recreation Center with approval.  Sharing of personal equipment is prohibited.  Examples of personal safety equipment includes, but is not limited to, weight belts, weightlifting gloves, and braces.  Participants should clean personal equipment before and after each use and prior to bringing it into the Campus Recreation Center.  CRW staff has full discretion to determine whether personal equipment is allowable.

CRW will continue to offer virtual programming with some in-person programming that meets university guidelines.  Face coverings and physical distancing is required in all CRW programs.  Please continue to check individual program web pages for program information.

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