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Strategic Direction #6 - Responsible Stewardship

We will focus our priorities on facilities, technology, core resources, and business policies and practices.

Goal 6.1: Implement sustainable funding models to ensure fiscal stability.

6.1.1: Reduce operational dependence on one-time funding for core functions and services.

6.1.2: Engage the budgetary process to steward resource allocation, enhance sound investment, and address strategic critical need.

Goal 6.2: Maintain the Campus Master Plan.

6.2.1: Ensure sustainability and fiscal resources necessary to update and maintain the Campus Master Plan.

6.2.2: Use the Campus Master Plan to guide and inform decisions.

Goal 6.3: Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of campus business processes, including technology enablement.

6.3.1: Review campus business processes and identify those requiring revision.

6.3.2: Ensure delivery of excellent service experiences through ongoing assessment and periodic administrative reviews where possible.

Goal 6.4:  Maintain currency and enable strategic information technology capabilities.

6.4.1: Establish and systematize a sustainable funding model for information technology that accommodates operational support, replacement and upgrades, University growth, cybersecurity, and strategic initiatives.

6.4.2 Ensure accommodation of mandatory and anticipated information technology needs, including both human resources and technologies through annual capacity planning, strategic management, and process assessments. Incorporate a review of current technologies, evaluating any redundant, obsolete, or underused products into this planning process.


Goal 6.5: Preserve the safety, reliability and security of the campus environment.

6.5.1: Develop and maintain University all-hazards prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery efforts through comprehensive emergency and disaster planning, training, and exercise programs.

6.5.2: Ensure fiscal stability through systematic maintenance, assessment, repair, and enhancement of all campus infrastructure and technologies.

6.5.3: Engage in an enterprise risk management process to enhance communication and strengthen response capabilities.

6.5.4: Maintain and improve technologies and processes related to cybersecurity and privacy to prevent, detect, and respond to incidents.

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