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Strategic Direction #3 – Inclusive Excellence

We commit to creating a campus reflective of our core values and we offer curricular and co-curricular educational programs that prepare our students for the diverse world in which they live.

Goal 3.1: Foster an inclusive University community.

3.1.1: Administer a campus climate survey every three years and develop a University plan to address the results.

3.1.2: Develop and implement a robust university diversity and inclusion plan informed by SACSCOC standards and position statements.

Goal 3.2: Broaden our commitment to diversity and inclusion by recruiting, retaining, and developing a diverse community of faculty, staff, and students.

3.2.1: Build a more diverse and inclusive student, faculty and staff community to provide an environment in which all can be successful academically and professionally.

3.2.2: Establish an accountability model in which all units create goals and metrics around University policy on equity, non-discrimination, compliance, and equal employment opportunities that reflect our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Goal 3.3: Support innovative and inclusive scholarship and teaching.

3.3.1: Ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion are foundational aspects of educational offerings.

3.3.2: Provide ongoing, appropriate professional development on innovative and inclusive practices for faculty and staff.

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